Wills & Estates

Planning ahead for your loved ones is one of the most important thing you can do during your lifetime.

Too often, we hear the unfortunate stories of those who did not prepare a will before their passing and therefore did not leave their assets behind in a way that could best benefit their loved ones.

When you do not have a will, you leave the decision of who receives your inheritance in the hands of Ontario’s succession laws.

Whether your estate is small or extensive, our lawyers can help you plan for the future and ensure that your intentions are met and are legally enforceable.

If you or a family member have lost a loved one, with or without a will, our team can help you through the process of obtaining probate and administering the estate.


The following is a list of the services we routinely deliver in Wills and Estates Law. This list is not comprehensive. If there is a real estate service that is not identified here, please feel free to give us a call and inquire further.

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